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Latest News Update:

  It is now Wednesday October 8th, 2008 and the Lickmy9 staff has not heard heads nor tales from or about Daniel in quite some time. Rumors are flying that Daniel is possibly a Male massage technician or possibly at NASA training for the next space exploration. Dr. Sulaco feels that we should further investigate to find out what exactly Daniel could be up to. Stay tuned... Update... It has been over 3 years and Daniel still has not completed the challenge that he said he would conquer below (Sept 13th, 2005 )... Keep trying , tick tock, tick tock....

   On Tuesday November 14th, 2006 Daniel was officially terminated from his current employer. Daniel was confronted on that afternoon to officially hand in his gun and badge (Keys and cell phone)... Daniel was confronted by Mr. Canon that approached him towards the close of the business day and shouted at Daniel "YOUR FIRED!!!" This immediately put Daniel in an uncontrollable nose dive that led to a tough unavoidable depression.

   Daniel is still "in the circle" just to set all the media straight.


September 13th, 2005

   I have just recently been informed this evening that Daniel is officially back in the circle of trust... (Congrats Daniel).

   After several months of debate, rationing and communicating with Daniel, The Administration of, a Sulaco Entertainment Group and all of it's affiliate members felt it would be a good move to let Daniel back into the circle of trust again..  There was some misunderstandings, lies, and deception that got him into his status of  the outer circle. Those we let lay.

Oh yeah, by the way Daniel, if you want the challenge is still on if you should accept..

   For all of you that do not know what the challenge is...let me explain. We mentioned to Daniel one day that he could not get into the members only area on his own without being issued a password. Well, Daniel insisted that he could "hack" his way into it, that he just needed a little time to accomplish it.

   So, the Administration of Lickmy9 (a Sulaco entertainment group) decided to put him to the challenge. Here's what we did.....We told Daniel that if he could "hack" into the members area on his own and explain his findings once he was in, that we would give him $500.00 cash !

   Well, unfortunately until this day, Daniel has still not gained access to the members area. The offer is on, the challenge is still there...... get busy Daniel...,  Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

Cheers, Administration